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Please help us share the positive music and stories of young people from one of the communities most hard hit by COVID-19 and systemic inequities. In the podcast, Michael Begay travels the Navajo and Hopi Nations to speak with NACAP apprentice composers about their works and to discuss, “how we compose music and what it means to us.”
Working with the Native American Composers Apprentice Project (NACAP) 2019. Feat. The Catalyst Quartet.
Teaching with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra Composition Program 2019.
Working with Raven Chacon and the Santa Fe Opera and Santa Fe Indian School composition students, photo taken alongside Sam Donaldson.
Working on a Micro Opera, at Arizona Opera Rehearsal Space.

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My skills and specialties include Music Composition, Music Education, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Native American Flute, Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Radio Production and On-Air Personality.

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A Diné performer/composer of Chamber Music, Experimental Sound, Native American Flute, and Metal music. Michael Begay is a guitarist and bassist, but also plays piano, and various instruments both Native American and orchestral.

A graduate of the Grand Canyon Music Festival’s Native American Composer’s Apprentice Project (NACAP); Mr. Begay has studied under both Native and nonnative American Composers: Brent Michael Davids (Mohican), David Mallamud, Jerod Impichchaachaaha’ Tate (Chickasaw), Libby Larson, and Raven Chacon (Diné).

Originally based on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona, Michael moved to Baltimore, Maryland, after being accepted to The Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute of Music, to further his studies in music composition. Currently, Michael Begay is studying music composition in the studio of Oscar Bettison at Peabody and is currently working on various compositions ranging from Chamber Music, Electronic Ensemble, Solo and Orchestral works.

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